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An evening with Tui T. Sutherland (An artifact from the Beforetimes)  

Last March, I started a post about an author event at the Cambridge Public Library. But I was distracted by ::gestures at 2020:: and eventually decided it wasn’t worth finishing. The idea of attending a non-Zoom author’s talk (i.e., in person) was already weird and dated after a few weeks....


TFW that overdue library book on which you’d already given up in your heart shows up under a child’s bed! We love libraries and bookstores -- read "Books beyond buildings: Support your local bookstore and library!" by Cindy Ritter and Shoshana Flax....

Family Reading Fanfare for 2020

Earlier this month, the Horn Book announced our Fanfare selections, our best books of the year list for 2020. This was surely a strange year for sharing books with my children, requiring library holds (and contactless pickups); increased e-reading and audiobook-listening; and reading and re-reading old friends from around the house...

Ask Family Reading: "Inappropriate" Books

Justine writes: Help! I don’t police the books my kids are reading, but I just read a quick synopsis of the Arc of a Scythe series (Neal Shusterman), which my ten-year-old is two-thirds of the way through! YIKES! Suicide! Mass Murder! Overpopulation! Torture! Sooo many things we’ve never talked about (and...

World Adoption Day

Ed. note: Below is Kitty's lovely and moving FB post for World Adoption Day.  Before we adopted our kids, we learned about the adoption triad: birth family, baby, and adoptive family. Each part of the triad is forever bonded to the other two, no matter how open or closed the relationship...

Music for this moment

“If you see something that’s wrong, raise your hand and say that’s wrong Point it out and name that thing by its name Don’t stand by and stare — if it’s wrong, it’s your affair Don’t be quiet, make a riot, be a pain” --lyrics from Alastair Moock’s “Be a...

Chips and chips

Over the weekend, we were inspired by Strange Birds to bake Aster's Chips [chocolate] & Chips [potato] Cookies. We've also made the Little Red Hen's Passover matzo. What recipes from a children's books have you been inspired to try?...

Oh, Marilla!

My ten-year-old and I have been having a grand old time reading aloud Anne of Green Gables at bedtime. Himself a rather high-spirited, rambunctious, and imaginative child, my kid LOL’d at the liniment in the cake scene, the drunk Diana debacle, Gilbert Blythe’s near-fatal “carrots” error, and even the puffed sleeves...

Virtual Boston Book Festival 2020

The Boston Book Festival and the Horn Book go way back. Since the festival began in 2009, the Horn Book has looked forward to our very favorite panel-going, booth-sitting, fresh-autumn-air-breathing, grilled-cheese-eating, Dunkin-drinking day. This year the BBF is going virtual, and the kids' and YA lineups are exceptional. Zetta Elliott; Jerry...
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