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Finding a Safe Space (Or, One Family’s Search for Middle Grade LGBTQIA+ Books)

Last fall, at age twelve, our seventh grader told my husband and me that she’s gay. Our first and only priority at the time was to tell her with words, and show her with actions, how much we love her — first, last, and always. So, we found a middle...

And her husband’s famous, too

Over the break, my husband and I had an entertaining celebrity sighting – Josh Charles (this guy) from Sports Night, The Good Wife, and Dead Poets Society (among many others) who was out with his family. My hubs is a huge Sports Night fan and was able to express his...

Board Book Roundup: Board Books Build Brains

They rarely win awards. Few make it to the annual “best of” lists. They get stepped on, chewed, drooled on, and thrown. Their core audiences may not remember a word of them in a few scant years. Their pages are frequently viewed out of order. But board books are some...

The Yes/No Game

Before bedtime every night, my younger son asks me if we can play the Yes/No Game to determine what books I will be reading him. This “game” consists entirely of him yelling “yes” or “no” from his top bunk while I read out various titles from his bookshelf. He doesn’t...

Uneasy Reading: On Keeping Company with Very Sad Books

Third grade was the worst year ever. No, really. My parents split up that year, and my dad moved out. I know that every divorce is different, and I’m told that not all of them are as painful as ours was. I’m glad for that. Ours was brutal. My dad...

Puppet Showplace Theater

On Saturday my family and I went to a preview performance of a work-in-progress show at the Puppet Showplace Theater in Brookline. The show was put on by Wee the People cofounder Tanya Nixon-Silberg and based on the book My Night in the Planetarium by Innosanto Nagara (author/illustrator of A...

A young fan

From Friend of the Horn Book Deborah Furchtgott: "This is a picture of my daughter Alice at the Brookline Booksmith. She and I were visiting there right after our copy of the Horn Book Magazine had arrived on our doorstep. Well, apparently Alice read it because she pointed out the...

Family Reading Fanfare for 2019

The Horn Book's Fanfare list was announced earlier this week -- hurray! Some of the faves at my house (so far) have included The Little Guys by Vera Brosgol; Saturday by Oge Mora; My Papi Has a Motorcycle by Isabel Quintero, illus. by Zeke Peña; ¡Vamos!: Let’s Go to the...

Books in the Home: Reading with Sophie: Finding Books for a Teen with Special Needs

How do you choose a book for a child who doesn’t have the capacity to choose one for herself? As the mother of a nonverbal teenager with autism and developmental delays, it is a question I ask myself all the time. When Sophie was first diagnosed in preschool, we were...
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