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Five Questions for Susan Cooper

"The Shortest Day, " Susan Cooper's 1974 poem honoring the winter solstice, is performed annually at The Christmas Revels. Now, Carson Ellis's gouache illustrations grace a picture-book version, The Shortest Day (Candlewick, 5–8 years), which imagines people "down the centuries of the snow-white world" as they greet the season. See...

Books mentioned in the November 2019 issue of Notes from the Horn Book

Five questions for Susan Cooper The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper, illus. by Carson Ellis, Candlewick, 5–8 years. Contemplative seasonal picture books Small in the City by Sydney Smith, Holiday/Porter, 3–6 years. A Big Bed for Little Snow by Grace Lin, Little, Brown, 3–6 years.    A Stone Sat Still...

From the Editor - November 2019

While as far as I’m concerned it’s never too early for peppermint-stick ice cream, I always feel discombobulated reading holiday books before Halloween, but that’s how we get you news of the good new ones in a timely fashion (although as I recall, Christmas books get heavy circulation throughout the...

Intermediate/middle school historical fiction

These works of historical fiction provide snapshots of time and place — and blood- and chosen families — for middle-graders and middle-schoolers. In Indian No More, it’s 1954 and eight-year-old Regina Petit and her family — members of the Umpqua tribe in northern Oregon — are forced by the U.S....

YA audiobooks

These audiobooks for young adults speak to important topics in engaging ways. This is a gripping audio version of A.S. King's Dig., a YA novel with so many characters that each chapter begins with a cast list. Three of the characters get their own readers — Mike Chamberlain, Kirby Heyborne,...

Contemplative seasonal picture books

The following picture books explore the warmth of relationships in seasonal settings. In Sydney Smith's Small in the City, an intrepid child on the move in the big, wintry city speaks directly to an unknown someone, dispensing advice and encouragement. With full-bleed spreads juxtaposed with ones featuring small vignettes, Smith...

Books mentioned in the October 2019 Nonfiction Notes from the Horn Book

Creepy things Fly!: Hollywood Monsters series Abdo, Kenny  Chucky  Gr. K–3, 4–6    24 pp.    ABDO/Zoom    2019      Library binding ISBN 978-1-5321-2744-1  Ebook ISBN 978-1-5321-2842-4  Abdo, Kenny  Freddy Krueger  Gr. K–3, 4–6    24 pp.    ABDO/Zoom    2019      Library binding ISBN 978-1-5321-2745-8  Ebook ISBN 978-1-5321-2843-1  Abdo, Kenny  Jason Voorhees  Gr. K–3, 4–6    24 pp.    ABDO/Zoom    2019      Library binding ISBN 978-1-5321-2746-5  Ebook ISBN 978-1-5321-2844-8  Abdo, Kenny  Leatherface  Gr. K–3, 4–6    24 pp.    ABDO/Zoom    2019      Library binding ISBN 978-1-5321-2747-2  Ebook ISBN 978-1-5321-2845-5  Abdo, Kenny  Michael Myers   Gr. K–3,...

Cool inventions

Alkire, Jessie  Hot Wheels Developer: Elliot Handler  Gr. 4–6    32 pp.    ABDO  Borgert-Spaniol, Megan  Lincoln Logs Creator: John Lloyd Wright  Gr. 4–6    32 pp.    ABDO Borgert-Spaniol, Megan  My Little Pony Pioneer: Bonnie Zacherle  Gr. 4–6    32 pp.    ABDO Thomas, Rachael L.  Nerf Genius: Reyn Guyer  Gr. 4–6    32 pp.    ABDO Thomas, Rachael L.  Nintendo Innovator: Hiroshi Yamauchi  Gr. 4–6    32 pp.    ABDO Thomas, Rachael L.  The Slime Queen: Karina...

Unusual Crafts

Alkire, Jessie  Construct It!: Architecture You Can Build, Break, and Build Again Gr. 4–6    32 pp.    ABDO Checkerboard Library: Cool Makerspace Gadgets & Gizmos series. This short volume introduces makerspaces and architecture, providing instructions for six projects that use Legos, K'NEX, and cardboard. Photographs accompany clear instructions, and brightly colored...
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