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Books mentioned in the December 2019 Nonfiction Notes from the Horn Book

Language and Literature Fact Finders: Why Do We Say That? series. Berne, Emma Carlson  What Is an Idiom When It's at Home? Gr. 4–6    32 pp.    Capstone    2017 Library binding ISBN 978-1-5157-6388-8 Paper ISBN 978-1-5157-6393-2 Ebook ISBN 978-1-5157-6405-2 Stefoff, Rebecca  Me, Myself, and I: The More Grammar Changes, the More...

Language and Literature

Berne, Emma Carlson  What Is an Idiom When It's at Home? Gr. 4–6    32 pp.    Capstone    2017 Stefoff, Rebecca  Me, Myself, and I: The More Grammar Changes, the More It Remains the Same Gr. 4–6    32 pp.    Capstone    2017 Fact Finders: Why Do We Say That? series. Beginning with a...

War and Peacemakers

Goldsmith, Connie  Women in the Military: From Drill Sergeants to Fighter Pilots Middle school, high school    120 pp.    Twenty-First Century    2019 This in-depth and refreshingly inclusive text looks at the history and current state of women in the military. Illuminating first-person accounts and biographical profiles are interspersed with descriptions of...

U.S. Landmarks

Brown, Carron  Wonders of the USA: A Shine-a-Light Book Gr. K–3    40 pp.    Kane/Miller    2017 Illustrated by Bee Johnson. "Shine a flashlight behind the reveal the amazing sights in and around our country. Discover a land of great surprises." This Shine-a-Light installment presents a very broad tour of American...

Poetry and Poetry Collections

Ink Knows No Borders: Poems of the Immigrant and Refugee Experience Middle school, high school    183 pp.    Seven/Triangle    2019 Edited by Patrice Vecchione and Alyssa Raymond. This piercing poetry collection's sixty-four pieces (many previously published) in a variety of forms mourn loss, celebrate survival, and explore breaking and remaking self...

Fanfare 2019 Annotations

Welcome to Fanfare, our choices of the best books of 2019. I believe we first published this list in 1939, recommending the best of 1938. Many of the titles are now mostly forgotten (or notorious: see The Five Chinese Brothers), but look: there is Andy and the Lion, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and The Hobbit....

Five Questions for Susan Cooper

"The Shortest Day, " Susan Cooper's 1974 poem honoring the winter solstice, is performed annually at The Christmas Revels. Now, Carson Ellis's gouache illustrations grace a picture-book version, The Shortest Day (Candlewick, 5–8 years), which imagines people "down the centuries of the snow-white world" as they greet the season. See...

Books mentioned in the November 2019 issue of Notes from the Horn Book

Five questions for Susan Cooper The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper, illus. by Carson Ellis, Candlewick, 5–8 years. Contemplative seasonal picture books Small in the City by Sydney Smith, Holiday/Porter, 3–6 years. A Big Bed for Little Snow by Grace Lin, Little, Brown, 3–6 years.    A Stone Sat Still...

From the Editor - November 2019

While as far as I’m concerned it’s never too early for peppermint-stick ice cream, I always feel discombobulated reading holiday books before Halloween, but that’s how we get you news of the good new ones in a timely fashion (although as I recall, Christmas books get heavy circulation throughout the...
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