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About Karen Jameyson

Critic and reviewer Karen Jameyson is currently on the editorial staff of the New South Wales School Magazine.

News from Down Under: Turning Heads

Picture books for older readers. The topic is a hot one in Australia, particularly in regard to the Book of the Year Awards. Should this art form be judged shoulder to shoulder with the more traditional picture book for a very young child? Who reads these books, anyway? As the controversy whirls on, however, the […]

A Little History of The Horn Book Magazine

This promotional pamphlet was written by Karen Jameyson in the 1980s  and later updated by the Horn Book. Beginnings Back in the early 1920s, before the ink of the first Horn Book Magazine was even dry on the page, the Boston YMCA announced a course in automobiles and engines. At a time when cars were still a […]