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Review of Not like Other Girls

Not like Other Girls by Meredith AdamoHigh School    Bloomsbury    448 pp.4/24    9781547614004    $19.99e-book ed.  9781547614011    $13.99Seventeen-year-old Jo is quick to list qualities she’s learned are “the trouble with girls like me.” She’s “wild,” “difficult,” “a slut.” A social outcast after a classmate leaked nude photos, she’s mostly ignored by her...

Review of The Totally True Story of Gracie Byrne

The Totally True Story of Gracie Byrne by Shannon TakaokaHigh School    Candlewick    384 pp.10/23    9781536228786    $19.99e-book ed.  9781536234312    $19.99It’s 1987, and Gracie is the new girl at her Pittsburgh high school; her family has recently moved in with her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s. After some embarrassing encounters with her new...

Review of Plan A

Plan A by Deb CalettiHigh School    Labyrinth Road/Random    416 pp.10/23    9780593485545    $18.99Library ed.  9780593485552    $21.99e-book ed.  9780593485576    $10.99Ivy, sixteen, is pregnant and scared. In conservative Paris, Texas, she knows she can’t disclose her condition—or her desire to have an abortion, which is illegal in Texas after six weeks. The accidental...

Review of Unexpecting

Unexpecting by Jen BaileyHigh School    Wednesday/St. Martin’s    304 pp.8/23    9781250780942    $20.00e-book ed.  9781250780959    $11.99This unconventional teen-pregnancy tale follows sixteen-year-old Ben, who had sex with his friend Maxie “as a scientific test.” He wanted to confirm that he was gay; she was participating in “some kind of TikTok social experiment thing.”...

Review of The Memory Eater

The Memory Eater by Rebecca MahoneyHigh School    Razorbill/Penguin    336 pp.3/23    9780593524602    $18.99e-book ed.  9780593524619    $10.99To the town of Whistler Beach, Maine, the Memory Eater—a creature confined to a cave who consumes people’s unwanted memories—is big business. And that business depends on seventeen-year-old Alana Harlow. Like generations of Harlows before her,...

Review of Four for the Road

Four for the Road by K. J. ReillyHigh School    Atheneum    288 pp.8/22    9781665902281    $19.99e-book ed.  9781665902311    $10.99In this at once funny and moving novel, it’s been just over a year since seventeen-year-old Asher’s mom died in a car accident, and “everyone says that I’m not handling it well.” In addition...

Review of The Secrets We Keep

The Secrets We Keep by Cassie GustafsonHigh School    Simon    352 pp.11/22    9781665906944    $19.99e-book ed.  9781665906968    $10.99Fourteen-year-old Emma’s family is torn apart when her best friend, Hannah, accuses Emma’s father of sexual abuse. He is arrested, and Emma’s mother forbids any communication with Hannah. To prevent her family (which also includes...

Review of The Epic Story of Every Living Thing

The Epic Story of Every Living Thing by Deb Caletti High School     Labyrinth Road/Random  416 pp.         g9/22     978-0-593-48550-7     $18.99Library ed.  978-0-593-48551-4    $21.99e-book ed.  978-0-593-48553-8    $10.99 Without knowing the identity of the man who was her sperm donor, seventeen-year-old Harper feels that “half of her is...

Review of Practice Girl

Practice Girl by Estelle LaureHigh School    Viking    320 pp.   g5/22    978-0-593-35091-1    $18.99Seventeen-year-old Jo is devastated when she overhears the boy she recently slept with refer to her as a “practice girl”: someone to have sex with for experience, but not to date. She’s further humiliated to discover that she...

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