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Keep Horn Book Newsletters Out of Your Spam Folder

To make sure your Horn Book newsletters and mailings always make their way into your Inbox, please add to your email address book. Below are instructions for how to do this for a variety of email providers/software.


Choose your version below to add to your “Safe Senders” list:


  • Click Gmail (just under the Google logo)
  • Choose Contacts
  • Click the New Contact button
  • Where it says Add name, type “Library Journal”
  • In the Email box, type
  • Click the Save now button (in the upper right)

Yahoo! Mail (2014)

  • Click the Contacts icon in the upper left, under the Yahoo Mail logo
  • Click New Contact (also under the logo)
  • In the Email box, type
  • Click the Save button

Yahoo! Mail Classic

Use these instructions to add to your contact list / address book (formerly MSN/Hotmail)

Use these instructions to add to your contact list / address book

AOL 9.0

Use these instructions to add to your contact list / address book

Other Email Providers

Consult your provider’s help documentation for the correct way to “add a contact” or “add new contact” to your contact list / address book, and add