Horn Book Magazine Covers

Randolph Caldecott was The Horn Book Magazine‘s first — and for decades only — cover artist. Then in 1985 another picture book master, Maurice Sendak, took over the task for a few issues, leading the way for a whole new crop of talented contributors. Much of their work is on view below in our electronic gallery of magazine covers from recent years.


January 2023
art by Jason Griffin

March 2023
art by Juana Medina

May 2023
art by Bryan Collier

July 2023
art by Doug Salati

September 2023
art by Renée Kurilla

November 2023
art by Erin K. Robinson


January 2022
art by Sydney Smith

March 2022
art by David Litchfield

May 2022
art by Grace Lin

July 2022
art by Jason Chin

September 2022
art by Vera Brosgol

November 2022
art by Micha Archer


January/February 2019 Horn Book Magazine

January 2021
art by Oge Mora

March/April 2019 Horn Book Magazine

March 2021
art by LeUyen Pham

May 2021
art by Paola Escobar

July 2021
art by Michaela Goade

September 2021
art by Wendell Minor

November 2021
art by Paul O. Zelinsky


January/February 2019 Horn Book Magazine

January 2020
art by Van Thanh Rudd

March/April 2019 Horn Book Magazine

March 2020
art by Eric Rohmann

May 2020
art by Jarrett Krosoczka

July 2020
art by Kadir Nelson

September 2020
art by Raymond McGrath

November 2020
art by Liza Woodruff


January/February 2019 Horn Book Magazine

January 2019
art by Jillian Tamaki

March/April 2019 Horn Book Magazine

March 2019
art by Simona Mulazzani

May/June 2019 Horn Book Magazine

May 2019
art by Kadir Nelson

July 2019
art by Sophie Blackall

September 2019
art by Betsy Lewin

November 2019
art by Carson Ellis


January/February 2018 Horn Book Magazine

January 2018
art by Ashley Bryan

March/April 2018 Horn Book Magazine

March 2018
art by Liniers

May/June 2018 Horn Book Magazine

May 2018
art by Yuyi Morales

July/August 2018 Horn Book Magazine

July 2018
art by Matthew Cordell

September/October 2018 Horn Book Magazine

September 2018
art by Felicita Sala

November/December 2018 Horn Book Magazine

November 2018
art by Paul O. Zelinsky


January/February 2017 Horn Book Magazine

January 2017
art by Frances Vallejo

March/April 2017 Horn Book Magazine

March 2017
art by Hawa Diallo

May 2017
art by Jon Agee

July/August 2017 Horn Book Magazine

July 2017
art by Javaka Steptoe

September/October 2017 Horn Book Magazine

September 2017
art by Brian Pinkney

November/December 2017 Horn Book Magazine

November 2017
art by James Ransome


January/February 2016 Horn Book Magazine

January 2016
art by Marla Frazee

March/April 2016 Horn Book Magazine

March 2016
art by Louis Darling

May/June 2016 Horn Book Magazine

May 2016
photo by Lydie Raschka

July/August 2016 Horn Book Magazine

July 2016
art by Sophie Blackall

September/October 2016 Horn Book Magazine

September 2016
art by Kadir Nelson

November/December 2016 Horn Book Magazine

November 2016
art by Joel Edward Stein


January/February 2015 Horn Book Magazine

January 2015
art by Peter Brown
March/April 2015 Horn Book Magazine

March 2015
art by Tomie dePaola
May/June 2015 Horn Book Magazine

May 2015
art by Bob Staake
July/August 2015 Horn Book Magazine

July 2015
art by Dan Santat
September/October 2015 Horn Book Magazine

September 2015 art by Alexandra Day
November/December 2015 Horn Book Magazine

November 2015 art by Rubin Pingk


January/February 2014 Horn Book Magazine

January 2014
art by Jonathan Bean
March/April 2014 Horn Book Magazine

March 2014
photo by Grace Lin

May 2014
art by Louise Fitzhugh
July/August 2014 Horn Book Magazine

July 2014
art by Brian Floca
September/October 2014 Horn Book Magazine

September 2014
art by Robert McCloskey
November/December 2014 Horn Book Magazine

November 2014
art by Bob Raczka


January/February 2013 Horn Book Magazine
January 2013
art by Jon Klassen
March 2013
art by Paul Zelinsky

May 2013
art by Jeannie Baker

July 2013
art by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
September 2013
art by Patrick McDonnell
November 2013
art by Uri Shulevitz



January 2012
art by Salley Mavor

March 2012

May 2012
art by Jose-Luis Olivares

July 2012
art by Melissa Sweet
September/October 2012 Horn Book Magazine

September 2012
art by Crockett Johnson
November/December 2012 Horn Book Magazine

November 2012
art by Renata Liwska


January 2011
art by Matt James

March 2011
art by Matt Tavares

May 2011
art by Marla Frazee

July 2011
art by Tomie dePaola

September 2011
art by Chris Van Allsburg

November 2011
art by Brock Cole


January 2010
art by Leslie Patricelli

March 2010
art by Brian Selznick

May 2010
art by Clement Hurd

July 2010
art by Jerry Pinkney

September 2010
art by Michael Emberley

November 2010
art by Anita Lobel


January 2009
art by Jonathan Bean

March 2009
art by Helen Oxenbury

May 2009
art by Lillian Hoban

July 2009
art by Beth Krommes

September 2009
art by Harry Bliss

November 2009
art by Lane Smith


January 2008
art by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

March 2008
art by Lisa Campbell Ernst

May 2008
art by Christopher Myers

July 2008
art by Brian Selznick

September 2008
art by Lane Smith

November 2008
art by Olivier Dunrea


January 2007
art by Lois Ehlert

March 2007
art by Hudson Talbott

May 2007
art by S. D. Schindler

July 2007
art by James Marshall

September 2007
art by Tomie dePaola

November 2007
art by Ian Falconer


January 2006
art by Mini Grey

March 2006
art by Kazu Kibuishi

May 2006
photo by Tana Hoban

July 2006
art by Chris Raschka

September 2006
art by Arthur Geisert

November 2006
art by Leo and Diane Dillon


January 2005
art by Lynne Rae Perkins

March 2005
art by Crockett Johnson

May 2005
art by Douglas Florian

July 2005
art by Kevin Henkes

September 2005
art by Maurice Sendak

November 2005
art by Hans Christian Andersen


January 2004
art by Maira Kalman

March 2004
art by Marc Simont

May 2004
photo by Laelia Mitchell

July 2004
art by Mordicai Gerstein

September 2004
art John Tenniel

November 2004
text from Lily’s Purple Plastic Purseby Kevin Henkes


January 2003
art by Bob Graham

March 2003
art by Ashley Bryan

May 2003
photo of Eric Carle Museum

July 2003
art by Eric Rohmann

September 2003
art by Paul Zelinsky

November 2003
art by Maurice Sendak


January 2002
art by Nancy Willard

March 2002
art by J. R. R. Tolkien from The Hobbit

May 2002
art by E. L. Konigsburg

July 2002
art by David Wiesner

September 2002
art by Barry Root

November 2002
art by Peter Sís


January 2001
art by W. W. Denslow

March 2001
art by Randolph Caldecott

May 2001
art by Willam Steig from A Gift from Zeus

July 2001
art by Judd Winnick

September 2001
art by Margot Zemach

November 2001
art by Art Spiegelman


January 2000
photo by Susan Kuklin

March 2000
art by Natalie Babbitt

May 2000
art by Michele Lemieux from Stormy Night

July 2000
art by Simms Taback

September 2000
art by Barbara Cooney from Miss Rumphius

November 2000
art by Rachel Isadora

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