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>What gets ’em going

>In preparation for the Horn Book Board of Directors annual meeting tomorrow, I’ve been going through this blog’s entries for the past year to remind myself of what I actually spent my time doing. I was pleased to notice that reader participation has gone way up, and thank you for that. A year ago it […]

>Why Do I Review Books?

>So someone asked amidst the great blog wars of Tuesday. It’s a fair question but has a long answer. Let’s first get out of the way me v. The Horn Book, because, obviously, I review books because it’s part of my job, and my job is to “blow the horn for fine books for boys […]

>Hometown Girl Makes Good

>Do you read those Seven Impossible Things interviews and think, wow, I wish I could get me one of those? Do like Alvina Ling, who got her start right here as a Horn Book intern!

>This is your library. This is your library hung over.

>Actually, this is a photograph Lolly Robinson took of our “no shelf,” the place where not-reviewed materials land. It’s an old photo; the no shelf now retains some semblance of order despite its persistent spiritual kinship with the Island of Misfit Toys.

>New Web Watch

>We’ve got a bunch of new links to stuff related to the current issue of the Magazine. Bring your crayons.

>May/June ’07 Stars

>Here are the books receiving starred reviews in the May/June ’07 issue of the Horn Book Magazine: Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature (St. Martin’s) by Linda Lear The Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County (Kroupa/Farrar) written by Janice N. Harrington, illustrated by Shelley Jackson Who’s Hiding? (Kane/Miller) written and illustrated by Satoru Onishi Pictures from […]

>Blow THIS.

>While it was nice to see my picture in the pages of School Library Journal this month, I really need to whine about their over-generous application of quotation marks. Hell would freeze over before I would say, as I am quoted as doing in the March SLJ, “If we didn’t have a blog and Web […]

>We had a Young Visiter Yesterday

> Standing: Mara, Bridget, Rachel, Flat Stanley, J.D., Kitty.Seated: Alison, Elissa, MarthaTabletop: Will and Mister