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>When books become real

>This little bit of internet mischief always makes me think of Frindle.

>Jokers to the left of me, jokers to the right

>Leila pointed me to this case in Seattle of Brave New World being yanked from the curriculum for being insensitive re Native Americans. The Prez has already gotten in trouble (per usual) with Fox News for the inclusion in his new picture book of Sitting Bull (; I’m wondering if that same spread is going […]

>Here’s another thing I don’t get to do in my day job

>While I am used to growing impatient with plays, movies, and operas halfway through, I think I only left a movie twice: Madness of King George and Shakespeare in Love. (Hmm, is there a pattern?) But I was shocked when Richard, who feels a moral obligation to finish every book he opens, eagerly agreed to […]

>Free spoilers here!

>for Mockingjay. See comments for my continued thought from Twitter. Add anything you want. [I changed the name of this post. I meant to say that there would be no spoilers on this main page but plenty in the comments. Which there are.]

>We had candy AND cake in the office today



>That is, What Would Miss Manners Do upon receipt of a blog tour “invitation” that opened “Pick a date in the month of November that you’d like to host us.” Hmm, let’s see. “Gentle Reader: While Miss Manners was pleased to be in your thoughts she thinks you have your roles mixed up. It is […]

>Reading aloud and alone

>Twitter is atwitter with responses to Richard Peck’s remark in Notes that “over and over [kids are]telling me that the books I wrote for them to read are being read to them by their teachers. And hearing a story read doesn’t seem to expand their vocabularies. If a teacher is going to take limited classroom […]

>The Twits

>I’m currently experimenting with Twitter as @Hornbook. Have already been asked by one user if our site is “SFW,” given our salacious name, I suppose. If you’re on there, say hello. In between twats I and the other Mag editors have been beavering away at the September special issue, theme song “Trouble.” It’s gonna be […]

>I’m a little stunned myself.

>From a press release I received this morning: When Margaret Benedict, former educator and author, taught her social studies curriculum she required her students to read eight biographies a year. She was stunned when she found out that no biography of Joyce Clyde Hall existed. With determination to reveal the true entrepreneur that Hall was, […]

>I felt like The Wicked Child

>at the Seder last night, but, being a good goyische guest, I kept my smarty-pants moyl shut when someone talked about the inspiring “true” story about the quilts that mapped the way to the North for enslaved African Americans before the Civil War. It’s a nice idea but, “Escaping tonight? Oh, let me sew you […]