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When life gives you The Lemonade War

What do you do when life (or your second-grade teacher*) gives you Jacqueline Davies’s The Lemonade War? If you don’t have lemonade, you grab an open bottle of grape juice from the fridge and half-empty bag of Goldfish crackers from the cupboard and wait for the customers to line up. To my surprise, they did! […]

Personal and global economics

Bailey, Gerry and Law, Felicia  World Money Gr. 4–6     64 pp.     Norwood Bailey, Gerry and Law, Felicia  Your Money Gr. 4–6     64 pp.     Norwood Whitehead, William  Family Money Gr. 4–6     64 pp.     Norwood Whitehead, William, Law, Felicia, and Bailey, Gerry  Country Money Gr. 4–6     64 pp.     Norwood Illustrated by Mark Beech. How Money Works series. […]

Economics and money

Adler, David A. Prices! Prices! Prices!: Why They Go Up and Down Gr. K–3, 4–6     32 pp. Holiday     2015 A boy (and his dog) sets up a lemonade stand, selling his product over several days. The laws of supply and demand play out in solid, specific ways, and concepts of fixed and variable costs and […]

Money, money, money, money

The up side of Tax Day? It’s a good opportunity to talk to kids about developing smart money sense. (Check out this successful young entrepreneur!) These engaging nonfiction books on the history of money and money management, recommended by The Horn Book Magazine and The Horn Book Guide, should help. Picture Books Why does everybody […]

Picture books for launching mathematicians

My school uses a play-based approach to teaching math, which is advantageous because as an early childhood teacher, my students still love math and they love to play games. They enjoy learning and working with numbers and I can build on this through math games. For me, teaching math is often challenging because my own […]