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Moving moment No. 4

                              Me fifty years ago, my last attempt to be a Real Boy.

Moving Moment No. 3

Reviewed in 1995, The Very Lonely Firefly is still blinking after all these years.          

Moving moments No. 2

Cindy found this one, The Light at Tern Rock by Julia Sauer, a Newbery Honor Book in 1952–and originally published in the Horn Book Magazine in 1949. This would seem to break the award’s rule about “original work,” that the “text is presented here for the first time and has not been previously published elsewhere […]

Moving moments No. 1

As we (WE?, the staff snarks) pack up the offices for our move at the end of this month, it’s just one madeleine after another as old toys and treasure unveil themselves from the shadowed recesses, bringing with them the little joies and horreurs of années passées. Martha uncovered this copy of Magid Fasts for Ramadan, […]