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>"Dammit, Chloe," Take Two

>I will be eternally grateful to for solving my New Yorker problem. The magazine has always hung heavy over my head with its oh-so-urbane humor and “wry” cartoons (somebody gave us a coffee table book of rejected New Yorker cartoons I enjoyed much more than the ones that made it in) causing me to […]

>Bridge to Terabithia

>Martha P.’s review is here. P.S. re grownup movie news: go see Breach.

>Can a duck swim?

>Well, in a word, yes, but a book that (misguidedly) showed up for review this week is showing me that it’s a more complicated question for some. Ian Stuart-Hamilton’s An Asperger Dictionary of Everyday Expressions (Jessica Kingsley Publishers) explains that the question is “a sarcastic reply to a question to which the answer is obvious; […]


>The Irish News has been ordered to pay 25,000 pounds restitution to a restaurant it “defamed” in a negative review. Could it happen here??? (I never did hear back from the publisher who threatened us with a suit, by the way.)

>Reviews in a word

>I’ve been submerged with Guide proofreading, a semi-annual communal exercise in eyestrain and Twizzlers and chocolate-fueled mania; yesterday I couldn’t stop calling everyone “enthusiasts” after reading the word one too many times. The eternally unsolved question about typos also came up: should a review mention their presence in a book even when they are few […]

>Three agree

>The three publishers I interviewed at the Foundation for Children’s Books event at Boston College last Tuesday were more alike than they were different, we concluded–at least when compared to the New York behemoths Random House, HarperCollins and Simon and Schuster. I had always thought Houghton, represented at B.C. by children’s editorial director Margaret Raymo, […]

>Jilted quilts

>Martha P. just sent me a link to an NYT op-ed piece by Fergus Bordewich about the history and, more pointedly, the myths of the Underground Railroad. Pretty juicy stuff. His expose, of course, does not make the true stories of slave escapes any less dramatic–I really like the new picture book by Ellen Levine […]

>"Dammit! Put Chloe on!"

>The Horn Book’s subway stop was like an episode of 24 this morning, with circling helicopters, black-garbed Staties, cleared bridges, police cars everywhere and news vans looking for a story. It turns out there was a package that could have been a bomb but wasn’t. The Boston Globe had to settle for a story about […]

>Three random notes

>1. Kitty Flynn has tracked down some more James Marshall material from our archives. 2. If you’re bored and in Boston tomorrow night, I’ll be moderating a panel at Boston College for the Foundation for Children’s Books. Program description: The Foundation for Children’s Books presents a panel discussion “What Happens Next in Children’s Books? On […]

>It Looked Like Spilt Milk

>Yes, one can sense a fluffernutter trend in my apres-ALA postings, but just one more. Go look at the hilarious contest Lisa Yee just ran, where you change the first letter of one word in a children’s book title, then give a sentence explaining what the book is about. I love Lisa’s example of Old […]