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I don’t use emojis. And the only acronyms I know are “brb” and “ayfkmwts,” both of which I have to say in my head as I spell them out, making them useless as quicker forms of communication. So, when reading OMG Shakespeare series entries srsly Hamlet and YOLO Juliet (Random House, May 2015), I was […]

Review of Macbeth

Macbeth by William Shakespeare; adapted and illustrated by Gareth Hinds Middle School, High School   Candlewick   146 pp. 2/15   978-0-7636-6943-0   $21.99 Paper ed. 978-0-7636-7802-9   $12.99 Whereas Romeo and Juliet received a striking makeover with a new setting and an ethnically diverse cast in Hinds’s graphic-novel version (rev. 11/13), he has chosen to remain faithful to the […]