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>Merriman is gay?

>Oops, wrong fantasy*. But in honor of the upcoming extravaganza with Susan Cooper and Gregory Maguire, Kitty and Claire have put online some of the Horn Book Magazine’s finest fantasy articles, including Susan Cooper on Tolkien and Tom’s Midnight Garden, Gregory Maguire on Philip Pullman, Philip Pullman on The Republic of Heaven, and several more […]

>As Claire originally began her review, WTF?

>So keep that in mind when you read her review of The Seeker.

>I’m guessing Greenwitch will be a whole ‘nother ball of wax.

>The upcoming opening of The Seeker, formerly known as The Dark is Rising, has a lot of people on edge, not least Susan Cooper. I’m reminded of another time this title got in trouble, branded as racist in 1976 by the Council on Interracial Books for Children in their Human and Anti-Human Values in Children’s […]

>How many do YOU bring?

>I will be out of the office the rest of this week, giving a speech in Vermont and then taking a few days to enjoy the Green Mountain State ( a visit to Beau Ties, I hope, and any recommendations for food and ice cream would be much appreciated). And I’m bringing a prodigious number […]

>"The Writing of Fantasy": Susan Cooper and Gregory Maguire

>Last Friday Daryl Mark (of the Cambridge P.L.) and I went over to MIT to look over the new location that anticipatory enthusiasm for the evening seemed to demand. So, we’re still on for the program with Susan Cooper and Gregory Maguire, we’re still talking about the writing and reading of fantasy, and it’s still […]

>Distant early warning

>For those of you who enjoyed the profile of Gregory Maguire in the NYT yesterday, please put November 14 on your calendar, when I’ll be conducting a public interview with Gregory AND Susan Cooper, about writing, fantasy, and the state of the world, in Cambridge, MA, location to be determined. Susan will also be giving […]

Susan Cooper Letter to Anita Silvey (June 7, 1986)

7 June 1986 Dear Anita, Here’s my Second Look at THE NARGUN AND THE STARS. It’s 1150 words by my count; hope it will do. Just one plea: if anything is changed, even a comma, I’d like to approve it first. And if you share your predecessors’ determination never to publish a colon without capitalizing […]

Susan Cooper Letter to Ethel L. Heins (May 10, 1976)

 Winchester, Mass 01890 10th May 1976 Dear Ethel, I was in Margaret’s office when your letter and photocopy of the Newbery speech arrived, so carried them off. If you were afraid you might be sounding persnickety just wait till you read me! I am starting on the assumption that since this is a reprint of […]