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Hbook Podcast 1.22 – “Stupid”

Podcast the 22nd in which Siân and Roger talk about Jason Bourne, Bruce Willis, and “stupid.” Stupid: lacking intelligence or common sense Books we talk about Harry G. Allard and James Marshall, Stupids series Dorothy Kunhardt, Pat the Bunny Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are Audrey Wood and Don Wood, The Little Mouse, The […]

If you only had a brain

Farah Mendlesohn called my attention to this bit of fuckwittery from The Guardian, in which their art critic Jonathan Jones opines that the late Terry Pratchett wrote “trash” while the equally late Günter Grass was a “true titan of the novel,” so why is everyone more sad about the passing of Sir Terry? The dumbness of this point–let’s […]

The elephant was in the room

I can’t decide if the p.r. disaster that was the Children’s Choice Awards last night is exacerbated or ameliorated by the fact that the Children’s Book Council website is down this morning (and, according to Facebook) has been offline since the announcements last night.(Edit 11.45AM:It’s back up.) I do know that the CBCBook Twitter account […]

This year’s headless torsos?


Science, My Aunt Fanny

Congratulations to Alice Munro. What should I read by her? You might guess from that question that I am not the world’s heaviest lifter of “literary fiction,” and am not even sure I know it when I see it. The New York Times recently reported on a study published in Science which purported to suggest […]

Word salad, yum.

Jon Klassen’s This Is Not My Hat certainly encourages discussion– see Lolly’s review here, Robin’s review here and mine over here–but over at Amazon I discovered a rather breathtaking display of the strategic (psychotic?) deployment of the non sequitur as a tool. (By a tool? Discuss.): “This book is another in the long line of […]

Will the Common Core open the door

to the crazies? I worry that the Core’s laudable emphasis on teaching children how to evaluate information and arguments will inadvertently fuel the cry to “teach the controversy” about natural selection.   (Neat Neptune and other freethinking t-shirts can be found here.)

While Texas pageant queens weep (carefully)

I feel like we should send this guy a copy of this book.

When librarians do stupid things

Sometimes we really are our own worst enemy. Somebody take away this lady’s library card. And has anyone read these Fifty Shades of Grey? How is it?

And this is funny

I was reading in the PRINT edition of American Libraries about how all the cool kids can’t wait to use QR codes to access library programming via their smartphones. First: oh, sure. Second, who ever uses those things (or as Brian Kenney said on Facebook, “I think we should just donate a few examples to […]