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>Who would YOU like to meet?

>Thanks to the Horn Book, Lisa Yee finally got to meet her favorite author.

>When Jane got a train

>In one of the group homes I lived in after college (not like it sounds, but too haphazard to be a commune) one of my housemates had placed in the bathroom an oversized children’s paperback book called What Is a Girl? What Is a Boy?, affixing to it a note that said something like “this […]

>We make dreams come true.

>At least Lisa Yee’s. My next editorial is about George Clooney. (photo by Richard, taken at Joanna and Norwood Long’s house)

>I’m over

>at Cynthia Leitich Smith’s blog today and feeling cynsational!

>Writing for the Horn Book: Field Notes

>Field Notes is our column for essays about connecting children and books. Contributors can be librarians, booksellers, parents, publishers, teachers, writers–anyone who has seen children’s books in action. It’s not a column for tips on running a summer reading program or how to read aloud, but rather it’s a place where we invite contributors to […]


>I would really like to get some agreement on this word or for people to give up using it altogether. I most recently ran across it this morning while reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s review of some new Hillary Clinton biographies in The New Yorker: Sympathetic and unsympathetic biographers alike tend to tell Clinton’s more recent history […]

>"Deceptively simple"

>and other book review tics are in my mind this week, as we wrap up editing the July August book review section of the Magazine and the first half of the Fall Guide. The Daily Telegraph offers a helpful list of words and phrases book reviewer love overmuch, but in what words do children’s book […]

>Got Pith?

>We’re looking for submissions for the “Cadenza” page in the Magazine. This is the last page of each issue, is usually (meant to be, anyway) funny, and has featured drawings (stand-alone only please, and in black-and-white), cartoons, poems, parodies and maybe a pop quiz or two. ONE Horn Book page–that’s short. And unlike the New […]