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All sorts of letters (and envelopes, too) have been sent to our attention over the years. Some were beautifully illustrated by renowned artists, some were sternly composed by famous writers, some were hilarious, and others surprisingly revealing. Posted below are a few favorites, available as images and as text.

Beatrix Potter
May 21, 1927
December 13, 1934
November 24, 1941

Arna Bontemps
February 26, 1938

Leo Politi
Envelope December 21, 1947

Laura Ingalls Wilder
October 19, 1953

Marcia Brown
Letter and drawing (no date)

Isaac Asimov
November 28, 1964

Lloyd Alexander
June 1, 1965

William Steig
May 10, 1970 and June 12, 1970

Roald Dahl
October 6, 1972
and ongoing battle with Eleanor Cameron

Susan Cooper
May 10, 1976
June 7, 1986