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The Bookshop for Boys and Girls

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The bookshop's exterior
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Bookshop interior
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Bookshop interior
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Bookshop interior
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Bookshop interior

In the beginning, there was retail. In 1916, when there were no superstores, no thought of internet shopping, and few notable children’s books for sale anywhere, the founding editor of The Horn Book, Bertha Mahony, opened a new bookshop in Boston.

“Realms of Gold and Granite” by Barbara Bader (September/October 1999 Horn Book Magazine)
Miss Mahony opens her Bookshop for Boys and Girls in 1916

Horn Book Reminiscence from Lee Kingman (September/October 1999 Horn Book Magazine)
A young reader visits the bookshop

Horn Book Reminiscence from Elizabeth Orton Jones (September/October 1999 Horn Book Magazine)
An old friend remembers her neighbor

“Treasure Island by the Roadside” by Barbara Bader (January/February 1999 Horn Book Magazine)
Selling children’s books off the back of a truck

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