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Review of So Let Them Burn

So Let Them Burn [Divine Traitors]by Kamilah ColeHigh School    Little, Brown    400 pp.1/24    9780316534635    $19.99e-book ed.  9780316534840    $12.99Seventeen-year-old Faron is the Childe Empyrean, blessed five years ago to wield the power of her island’s gods. Now that San Irie’s war against the colonizing Langlish and their dragons is won, Faron...

Review of Mission One: The Vice Principal Problem

Mission One: The Vice Principal Problem [Blue Stars] by Kekla Magoon and Cynthia Leitich Smith; illus. by Molly Murakami Intermediate, Middle School    Candlewick    176 pp. 3/24    9781536204995    $22.99 Paper ed.  9781536228663    $12.99 e-book ed.  9781536237368    $12.99 In their first graphic novel collaboration, Magoon and Smith introduce readers to cousins Riley...

Review of Next Stop

Next Stop by Debbie Fong; illus. by the authorIntermediate, Middle School    RH Graphic/Random    272 pp.3/24    9780593425206    $21.99Library ed.  9780593425213    $24.99Paper ed.  9780593425183    $13.99e-book ed.  9780593425190    $8.99Fong’s deeply moving graphic novel opens with an intriguing premise: Pia Xing, a reserved and lonely middle schooler, says goodbye to her father and embarks...

Review of Henry and the Something New

Henry and the Something New by Jenn Bailey; illus. by Mika SongPrimary    Chronicle    56 pp.3/24    9781797213903    $14.99In his second early-chapter-book outing (Henry, like Always, rev. 3/23), Henry—a sensitive child who presents as being on the autism spectrum—is ambivalent about a field trip to the natural history museum. “Henry was excited....

Review of Ferris

Ferris by Kate DiCamilloIntermediate    Candlewick    240 pp.3/24    9781536231052    $18.99e-book ed.  9781536237375    $18.99Returning to her literary roots in Florida (see: Because of Winn-Dixie, rev. 7/00; Raymie Nightingale, rev. 3/16), DiCamillo again explores bonds of family, friends, and community. Ferris Winkey finds the summer before fifth grade a puzzling one. Much turbulence...

Review of Not the Worst Friend in the World

Not the Worst Friend in the World by Anne RellihanIntermediate    Holiday    272 pp.2/24    9780823454792    $17.99e-book ed.  9780823457663    $10.99In this pitch-perfect middle-grade novel, Lou (short for Louise) copes with her deep shame over some unkind words she said in anger to Francie, her (now former) best friend. Lou can hardly believe...

Review of Wildful

Wildful by Kengo Kurimoto; illus. by the authorIntermediate    Groundwood    216 pp.2/24    9781773068626    $22.99e-book ed.  9781773068633    $16.99In this gorgeous graphic novel with minimal text, it’s an ordinary day as Poppy takes her dog, Pepper, out for a walk, all the while listening to music, scrolling mindlessly through her cell phone. Pepper,...

Review of The School for Invisible Boys

The School for Invisible Boys by Shaun David Hutchinson Intermediate, Middle School    Labyrinth Road/Random    304 pp. 2/24    9780593646298    $17.99 Library ed.  9780593646304    $20.99 e-book ed.  9780593646311    $10.99 Hutchinson’s (Howl, rev. 7/22) middle-grade debut is a captivating combination of dark fantasy and tween drama built on a cast of nuanced characters,...

Review of Shark Teeth

Shark Teeth by Sherri WinstonMiddle School    Bloomsbury    304 pp.1/24    9781547608508    $17.99e-book ed.  9781547608515    $12.59Sharkita is always waiting for the other shoe to drop, although her life finally feels like it is on the right track. Her mom is now employed and sober, and Kita has been reunited with her two...
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