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Review of Just like Millie

Just like Millie by Lauren Castillo; illus. by the authorPreschool, Primary    Candlewick    40 pp.4/24    9781536224818    $17.99e-book ed.  9781536237122    $17.99In this comforting story, a young girl and her mother move to a cozy apartment in a new city where she happily plays by herself whenever her mom has to work in...

Review of The House Before Falling into the Sea

The House Before Falling into the Sea by Ann Suk Wang; illus. by Hanna Cha Primary    Dial    40 pp. 3/24    9780593530153    $18.99 e-book ed.  9780593530160    $10.99 In this picture book set in 1950, Kyung lives with her family in a seaside house in the southeastern Korean coastal city of Busan....

Review of The Last Zookeeper

The Last Zookeeper by Aaron Becker; illus. by the authorPrimary, Intermediate    Candlewick    40 pp.3/24    9781536227680    $18.99Becker’s (The Tree and the River, rev. 3/23) latest wordless fantasy takes readers to a post-apocalyptic future. Animals in a flooded zoo huddle on exposed bits of dry land; they are tended by an enormous...

Review of What’s New, Daniel?

What’s New, Daniel? by Micha Archer; illus. by the authorPreschool    Paulsen/Penguin    32 pp.2/24    9780593461303    $18.99e-book ed.  9780593461310    $10.99Daniel (Daniel Finds a Poem; Daniel’s Good Day, rev. 7/19) is back in another open-hearted, child-friendly picture book. It’s spring, and Daniel is meeting his grandfather in the park. When Grandpa asks him...

Review of Are You Big?

Are You Big? by Mo Willems; illus. by the authorPreschool, Primary    Union Square    32 pp.2/24    9781454948186    $17.99Big, bigger, or downright astronomical—it’s all relative in Willems’s latest concept book. On the first page, a round-headed, stick-limbed child smiles at the reader; text opposite asks, “Are you big?” Sitting in the middle...

Review of Today

Today by Gabi Snyder; illus. by Stephanie GraeginPreschool, Primary    Wiseman/Simon    40 pp.1/24    9781665924856    $18.99e-book ed.  9781665924863    $10.99A lesson in mindfulness is couched in a cozy story about a much-anticipated visit with extended family. At first, the child protagonist struggles with a seemingly interminable “today”: “Today stretches long…when you’re counting weeks...

Review of Laolao’s Dumplings

Laolao’s Dumplings by Dane Liu; illus. by ShinYeon MoonPrimary    Godwin/Holt    48 pp.12/23    9781250778192    $18.99Millie visits her laolao (grandmother) in spring, and together they make Millie’s favorite dish—homemade dumplings. To get the right ingredients, the pair heads to Chinatown to visit several lively neighborhood markets, buying vegetables and shrimp as well...

Review of We Could Fly

We Could Fly by Rhiannon Giddens; illus. by Briana Mukodiri UchenduPrimary    Candlewick    32 pp.11/23    9781536222548    $18.99e-book ed. 9781536234619    $18.99A young Black girl notices a sparrow looking at her while she is enjoying time in the park with her mother. The mother tells her daughter, “I see that little birdie there...

Review of The Real Story

The Real Story by Sergio Ruzzier; illus. by the authorPrimary    Abrams Appleseed    32 pp.10/23    9781419755262    $16.99e-book ed.  9781647003463    $15.29Cat finds an empty cookie jar smashed on the floor and demands an explanation from Mouse, who just happens to be reading a book next to a plate with a sprinkling of...
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